Hi 👋, my name is Dipak. This is my blog where I note down the answers for my why questions. I like to observe and appreciate the monopolies of things I encounter - particularly nuances around me, things that stick with you and this is where I breakdown my thoughts and own my learning.

Currently, I am a Data Scientist at IBM. Enjoying my time in the Bay Area under beautiful Californian skies.

Earlier, during my time in Los Angeles, at USC, I worked a Research Assistant at USC Marshall School of Business and pursued my Master’s in Computer Science at Viterbi School of Engineering.

I love solving logical and algorithmic problems, and often participate in programming contests and hackathons for fun!

I have worked for around a year at Avaya where I learned a lot from my mentors. I enjoyed my time interning at 7Targets.ai during the Summer of 2019 in Pune.